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What Makes Money Matters Unique?

Small and Successful

Money Matters is a small, successful financial planning firm. We know each client well. Beyond their finances, we know their values, interests and preferences. Everything we do is geared towards a client's unique personal traits.

Broad Business Experience

Rod has a rich tapestry of professional experiences. He is a CPA who understands personal and small business tax planning strategies. As a bank CFO, he managed investment strategies and managed financing. Through employee assistance programs, the Firm advised thousands of individuals facing a financial crisis. He has consulted on life insurance and risk protection issues.

Comprehensive Approach

To borrow from Newton's Law of Motion: Every financial action causes an unequal, and often opposite, reaction in one's finances. Investing prudently is not sufficient without saving on taxes, organizing debt, monitoring expenses and protecting against risks. Opportunities are created by understanding these interactions. A comprehensive financial planning approach is most effective.


Most clients say they simply are "not a numbers person". Rod refines complex financial concepts into understandable charts and graphs so a non-financial person will understand. He is able to maintain a firm grasp of the technical details while laying out the big picture.


Money Matters acknowledges its role as fiduciary, a legal term that merely says - clients' interests come first. For example, projects terms (objective, approach, fees and deadlines) are clearly defined in a letter. If everyone agrees on the project terms, the work begins. All work is guaranteed. If not satisfied, fees will be returned.


Rod is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor. The Firm employs the "fee-only" business model. Fees can be fee-per-hour, fee-per-project or percent of investments managed. New clients come largely from existing client referrals. No sales commissions or hidden remuneration is received.


Few clients leave Money Matters. Long-term relationships endure because of trust. Rod's understated style inspires trust. His broad experience generates a feeling of confidence. He truly loves helping clients be successful. His consultative approach avoids salesmanship. Instead, he provides alternatives and explains their pros and cons.

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